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Kinetix gives operator real time impact data


Patented, marinized air shock suspension seating reduces physical impact while traveling through rough water.

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Impact monitoring technology alerts crews to harmful exposure and records data for post-mission analysis.

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Shoxs droptester


Custom seat design and impact mitigation consultation.

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Impact Science

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We are committed to reducing the transmission of shock and vibration to vessel occupants through product design excellence and a deep understanding of physical principles.

We believe that a scientific approach to impact evaluation will lead to technical innovations and a safer marine environment.

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Kinetix Operator Edition
SHOXS 5705
SHOXS 3700 X8
SHOXS 3400 X4
SHOXS 3200 X8
SHOXS 5005

Press Room

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Four new shock monitoring systems to keep mariners safer at sea.

We are pleased to announce the launch of four new Kinetix models, each designed to provide easily assimilated guidance for maritime professionals to operate safely within designated shock and vibration exposure limits, reducing the risk of damage to vessels or injury to occupants.

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