A shock monitoring system for high-speed vessel fleets.
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About Kinetix

Kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system that detects and records forces acting on the crews, vessels, or equipment of high speed watercraft. Kinetix allows maritime agencies to use impact data to inform safe speeds, warn of approaching impact exposure limits, investigate high-impact events, and predict vessel maintenance intervals.
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How it works

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Real time display shows impact exposure alerts.

Kinetix Operator
Researcher 1


Records data for post-transit analysis.

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Displays real time alerts and records data for post-transit analysis.

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Displays real time alerts, records data, and warns of suspension seat bottom-out risk.

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Personalized guidance from shock and vibration specialists

The Kinetix Concierge Program includes working directly with agencies to provide actionable data analysis.

A team of specialists with decades of industry experience can give agencies the confidence to navigate and interpret complex data sets, comply with legislation, investigate incidents, and keep their personnel and assets safer.

Dr. Tim Rees, Ph.D.

Dr. Tim Rees, Ph.D.


Dr. Tom Gunston, Ph.D.

Dr. Tom Gunston, Ph.D.

Laboratory Expert

Interpret exposure to hazardous conditions.

Integrate Kinetix with Vessel Electronics

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User interface available on industry-standard multi-function displays

Kinetix software integrates with the Raymarine Axiom series, smartwatches, and other widely accepted electronics displays.

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8x more value

Whole Body Vibration advisory services in a cost-effective format.

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Scalable Service

Vessel and crew monitoring for every fleet, large or small.

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One-stop shop

Products, services, and expert guidance from one source.

Elevate your approach to impact mitigation with Kinetix