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SHOXS 5105

Tandem-mounted jockey-style suspension seat with fold-up backrest

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SHOXS 5105 is a purpose built rear mounted jump seat for VBSS, boarding teams and military operations on open boats and RHIBs. Typical applications include crew or pax (passenger) seating. The SHOXS 5105 is reconfigurable and easily stows to a compact footprint enabling easy movement of personnel around the vessel. Due to its low weight and compact footprint the SHOXS 5105 is particularly suitable for high density layouts, where the maximum number of suspension seats are required in a limited space.

The 254 mm (10 inch) Air Isolator suspension travel is designed for use by high speed craft operating in extreme conditions. The SHOXS 5105 utilizes CNC machined, hard anodized 6061-T6 and 5086 H116 aluminum construction. Components include 316 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel fasteners. There is an option of black or grey anodizing and the seat upholstery is hand stitched.

The SHOXS 5105 is compatible with KINETIX, an advanced seat monitoring and analysis system. The technology allows maritime agencies to lower risk of crew injury or equipment failure by providing both on-board feedback as well as tailored reporting to agencies with any size fleet.

Suspension Travel 254 mm / 10 in Air Isolator
Material CNC Aluminum / 316 SS / Titanium
Typical Weight 17 kg / 37 lb (does not include STAB)
Dimensions H 990 mm / W 358 mm / D 566 mm
H 39 in / W 14.1 in / D 22.3 in (Open)
Finish Hard Anodizing
Adjustable Suspension Available
Front Handhold Available
Storage Bag Available
2 Point Harness (Lap Belt) Available
TRAXS Mount Available
Tandem Mount Option Available
Fold Up Seat Base Available
Deck Mount Available
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