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Shoxs 8100

Non-mitigated jump seat with auto-stowing base

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The Shoxs 8100 can be mounted on any lateral or longitudinal bulkhead and offers ergonomic, comfortable, secure transport of personnel at sea during transits where shock mitigation seats are not available. 

Light weight and compact when stowed. Utilizes CNC machined, hard anodized 6061-T6 and 5086 H116 aluminum construction. Components include 316 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel fasteners and Titanium. There is an option of black or grey anodizing and the seat upholstery is hand stitched.

The auto stowing seat base option has flip-up seat pans which create additional deck space when they are unoccupied. Occupant comfort options include lap belt, under seat storage and water bottle holders. The SHOXS 8100 can be used as a gunners seat.

Typical Use Troop Transport
Material CNC Aluminum / 316 SS / Titanium
Typical Weight 5.8 kg / 13 lb
Dimensions H 1033 mm / W 513 mm / D 622 mm
H 40.7 in / W 20.2 in / D 24.5 in
2 Point Harness (Lap Belt) Available
Headrest Available
Fold Up Seat Base Available
Bulkhead Mount Available
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