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Optimize Deck, Cabin, and Console Space for the Ideal Seating
When designing high speed craft, weight and space are often limiting factors. Our experience working with the world’s leading boatbuilders has resulted in seat layout and ergonomic expertise.
Whole Body Vibration Consulting
SHOXS is a global leader in shock mitigation seating for military, commercial, and recreational use. Across 38 territories worldwide, vessel manufacturers and operators ask for SHOXS by name wherever a higher standard of safety, quality and reliability and is demanded.
Tailored Impact Mitigation Strategies and Custom Testing
Allsalt’s technical team can help maritime agencies design custom simulations or product testing to assess seat performance and estimated crew exposure levels based on their unique conditions.
Kinetix Researcher Edition
Category: Suspension Seat Accessories
Records impact exposures for post-transit analysis
Kinetix Fleet Edition
Category: Suspension Seat Accessories
On-board Impact exposure monitoring and data recording for post-transit analysis
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